cathead (plural catheads)

  1. (nautical) a heavy piece of timber projecting from each bow of a ship for holding anchors which were fitted with a stock in position for letting go or for securing after weighing

7 letters in word "cathead": A A C D E H T.

No anagrams for cathead found in this word list.

Words found within cathead:

aa aah aahed ace aced aceta ach ache ached act acta acted ad ae ah aha ahead ahed at ate cad cade cadet cat cate ch cha chad chaeta chat che cheat da dace dacha dae dah data datcha date de death detach ea each eat eath ecad ech echt ed edh eh et eta etch eth ha had hade hae haed haet hat hate hated he head heat het ta tace tach tache tad tae taed taha te tea teach tead tech ted thae the theca

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